About roundrock15

I was raised in southwestern Ohio –
Cincinnati Reds country. And though I grew up watching the
Reds and going to games at Riverfront Stadium, I never
considered myself a Reds fan. I wasn’t from Cincinnati, I
figured. I was from Dayton. Had the Dragons been around at
that time, it might have been different, but they weren’t and
it wasn’t. When I took a trip with my father to Houston in
1987, though, we visited the Houston Astrodome. I liked the
Astros – Kevin Bass, Bill Doran, Jose Cruz, Nolan Ryan, Mike
Scott, Dickie Thon. And when we were touring the Astrodome,
and Kevin Bass let me take a few swings in the cage with him,
it was over. I’ve never been to an Astros home game, but I’ve
been a huge fan for 23 years – now on the West Coast, I
continue to represent my ‘stros.