2012/13 Offseason: Hitters

I like the idea of the Astros spending money on a DH, and Mike Napoli is – in my opinion – the perfect guy for this team. He’s a veteran presence, he can fill in at 1B if Wallace or Dominguez struggles or at C if Castro gets injured, he knows AL West hitters, and he swings a big bat.

If that signing comes true, my predictions then become:

C Jason Castro (L)
1B Brett Wallace (L)
2B Jose Altuve (R)
3B Matt Dominguez (R)
SS Jed Lowrie (S)
LF Fernando Martinez (L)
CF Justin Maxwell (R)
RF Brad Snyder (L)
DH Mike Napoli (R)

Bench: Jake Elmore, Tyler Greene, Brandon Barnes, Che-Hsuan Lin

Now, that’s not a team that’s going to give the Angels and Rangers a run for their money. But it’s a respectable lineup that can go in and win a couple of games while the prospects develop.

Next, we’ll talk about pitching.

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