Quick Entry

Today, the Astros begin a weekend series against the Milwaukee Prince Fielders. 

Last night, however, was the Black Ties and Baseball Caps Astros Wives Gala.  Alyson Footer did a nice write-up on it, complete with pictures, some highlights of which are below.

Geoff and Kory Blum.jpg

Geoff and Kory Blum.

Hunter Pence and Heidi.jpgHunter Pence and his “date,” Heidi.

Jeff-Morgan Keppinger Brian-Dee Moehler.jpgMorgan Keppinger.  And… some other people.

That’s nice, but it got me to thinking.

There are many things that are unfortunate about Aaron Boone having to undergo open-heart surgery during Spring Training.  The least – the very least – is that we were robbed of pictures of Laura Cover, Boone’s wife, dressed up for the Wives Gala.

Finding a non-risque picture of Mrs. Boone, the former Playmate, is difficult.  So I will leave that to the Internets.

But I have a story about Laura. 

I was born on April 15, 1977, in Bucyrus General Hospital in Bucyrus, Ohio.  I was a bit premature, so they made me stay at the hospital for several weeks before releasing me.  During that time, in the same hospital, Laura Cover was born.

We were in the same nursery together, at the same time, without any clothes.  Therefore, Mr. Boone, I have to tell you that I have in fact been naked in the same room as your wife.

Speaking of Boone…

He begins his rehab assignment on Monday in Corpus Christi.  The fact that he will even play baseball this year is crazy.  Congratulations to him for his speedy recovery, and whether or not he plays an inning for the Astros this season, my hat is off to him.




  1. juliasrants

    I didn’t think we would see Boone at all this year! Congrats to him and you might not want to mention about you and his wife! 😉

  2. hooksfan

    Glad so see you back RoundRock15 you have been missed. Boone will be joining the Corpus Christi Hooks this Monday. There has been movement on the Hooks roster. Outfielder Mitch Einertson received a 50 game suspension. It was not for a PED. This is his second violation of the drug policy. Our youngest son is pretty devastated and it’s hard to explain to him why Mitch isn’t here. The Hooks were able to pick up Ray Sadler off of free agency. Sadler spent part of last year on the Hooks squad before being sent up to Round Rock. The Rays signed him this year but he was released on August 1st. I pray that whatever demon Mitch is battling he can conquer it.


  3. astrosfaninexile

    So, RoundRock, on another subject entirely…. Do you think that the Bulldog will ever throw another pitch for the Astros?

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