Dusting The Ficus

I’ve decided that when I don’t have much to report, but want to tidy up a few things, I’m going to call it Dusting the Ficus.

Because I want to, and because it reminds me of John Turturro, who is pretty much the most amazing actor ever.

Long Beach Armada

This morning, I awoke to the news that the Long Beach Armada weren’t done after adding Jose Lima to their pitching staff.  They’ve followed that signing up by giving him a rotation mate in Hideki Irabu, the oft-maligned Japanese import who played for the Yankees, Expos, and Rangers en route to a career 34-35 record, 5.15 ERA, and 405:135 K:BB ratio in 514.0 IP. 

Admittedly, Irabu’s peripherals were not terrible when he was playing, but he hasn’t pitched in Major League Baseball since 2002, and will turn 40 years old in May, before the Golden League season begins.

More on Ellsbury’s Steal

Jacoby Ellsbury’s steal of home plate last night showed, among other things, that ESPN’s three-man booth is a travesty.  Jon Miller, already beleaguered by being stuck in a booth with professional blowhards Joe Morgan and Steve Phillips, had to use everything he had to interrupt the conversation long enough to shout, “There he goes!” when Ellsbury was already almost to the plate.

You could almost feel Morgan’s irritation at having been interrupted.

And readers everywhere weep for the loss of FJM

Miguel Tejada

Migiel Tejada shaved a full .062 off of his batting average by going hitless in 13 plate appearances against the Milwaukee Brewers.   The other thing that happened during this stretch is that he was dropped from the #2 spot in the lineup to the #5 spot.

Now, I’ve said many times that Tejada is best-suited to be a very good #6 hitter at this point in his career, and I believe that that’s true.  I definitely don’t think that moving a guy who has been in the top three in GIDP every year but once since 2002 into your two hole is the way to go. 

During that period, Tejada had 6 groundouts, 6 flyouts, and one strikeout.  For a player with a career 47.6 GB% according to FanGraphs, and who has been pretty consistent about it overall, I can’t help but think that this is just a fluke within a small sample size. 

No Hell’s Bells

The Houston Astros were able to get the Brewers out of their home without having to face the All-Time saves leader, Trevor Hoffman.  Which is just as well, because when I lived in San Diego and was a Padres season ticket holder, I really liked the guy, and I’d just as soon not have to root against him.

Though I know the time is coming.


One comment

  1. juliasrants

    What I would not have given to have the Red Sox game being shown on NESN so I could have heard the Rem-Dawg make that call! It is cruel and unusual punishment to have to watch a game on ESPN – more so when it is a Red Sox-Yankees game!


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