The First

When I found out that my blog had been listed as #42 in the MLBlogs Latest Leaders list, my first instinct was disappointment.  Though I don’t really write a blog to get a ton of readers, I was #20 the last time the list was updated, and dropped 22 spots.  It’s hard not to be a little dismayed by that, even though the reasons are many.  I haven’t had as much time to post; the season has now begun, and the Astros are not a sexy big-ticket item; there are many other high-quality writers on the MLBlog roster.

But #42 is still very humbling, and I’m honored that I have the number of readers necessary to do even that well.

Also, it’s a tremendous honor to be named #42 on Jackie Robinson Day.

Jackie Robinson.jpgThere’s not a lot to say about Robinson that hasn’t been said elsewhere, and far more eloquently than I could ever put it.

My birthday, April 15th, is not the best birthday to have.  Most U.S. Americans associate it with Tax Day.  It’s also the day the Titanic sank; the day Abraham Lincoln died.  Kind of a bummer of a day.  But I’m very proud to know that my birthday – April 15 – will always be known across the sport I love as the day when the dreams of so many became a reality.

Because on April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson put on the #42 jersey and broke the color barrier. 

So I welcome the honor to represent Jackie with the number 42 on the Latest Leaders list, announced on my birthday; and on the day he played his first big league game.


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