Down On The Farm

The first thing I do when I wake up is generally check out Google Reader, and today it brought me a very interesting story.

When the Astros traded for Tyler Lumsden from the Royals’ organization, they gave up a speedy young outfielder named Jordan Parraz.  Last night’s Hooks-Naturals game was his first matchup against his former teammates, and it did not come without its share of fireworks.

In the eighth inning, Parraz came in hard and bowled over catcher Brian Esposito.  Which is not that unusual, except that it was on a 6-3 groundball. In other words, there was no play at the plate.

“I was
clearly giving him the plate and didn’t even see it coming,” said Esposito. I was
looking down the first-base line toward the play and the next thing you
know, I’m pulling myself off the ground. That’s the first time I’ve
ever had that happen.

Esposito came to bat again in the ninth, and Chris Salamida plunked him.  That led to the ejections of Salamida, Esposito, and manager Luis Pujols.  

“The problem I have about the ejection is that it was without
warning,” Pujols said. “If the umpire knew that something could happen
and you want to avoid people getting hurt, that’s what the warning is

“If (Myers) had any doubt, he could call me (over) and give the
warning and stop the thing right there. Don’t let things happen and
then run the manager, pitcher and catcher out. I don’t understand that.”

At least it’s nice to see a little fire in our boys.


  1. roundrock15

    It does seem that there’s something underlying there. Though Parraz was in the Houston organization last year, Esposito was not. Their paths have never crossed before, at least not professionally. This is the highest level Parraz has ever played at, and Esposito has been at or above AA for a while. Very mysterious.

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