Speechless. I’m Speechless.

I officially don’t know what to say after today’s 7-0 debacle in Pittsburgh, except thank goodness there’s a day off tomorrow.

I’ll hand it off to MusicMan at SpikesnStars.com:

I will hereby put more effort into this recap than the Astros appeared to put into today’s game:

Moehler left with a sprained knee, Matsui left with a stiff back,
the team’s best non-Oswalt pitcher was burned in mop-up duty, Cooper
threw out a panic-induced lineup (again), Berkman struck out with
aplomb, Pence was the most patient hitter on the team, Cooper
completely mismanaged the only scoring opportunity in the game, and
through 7 games, the Astros have been outscored 43-16.

I will only add that at least Jeff Keppinger continues to hit.  He started at third and moved to second when Matsui had his annual “fissure,” and went 1-for-2 with a double and a walk.

Zach Duke and Kyle Lohse have pitched consecutive complete game shutouts of the Astros, and both were the best games of their respective careers.

As a certain Astros Fan in Exile has pointed out:

There was a time at the beginning of last season when it seemed like
every opposing pitcher was an ace. Game after game, their pitcher was
having a big game, and our guys just couldn’t figure him out.
Unfortunately, this pattern seems to be recurring in the early days
this spring.

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