Clearly, This Is Not Okay

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, AL MVP Dustin Pedroia was quoted as saying that his hometown of Woodland, California, is a “dump.”  He later back-pedaled, claiming that his quotes were taken out of context.  Frankly, given the way the material was laid out in the original story I read, I have very little doubt that he’s correct.

Not everyone was willing to cut the dump’s native son a break, however, as this article in the Woodland, CA Daily Democrat proves.  A 47-year-old man (really?) took it a little personally, and made death threats to male members of the Pedroia family.

His brother, Brett, is currently awaiting trial on charges of child molestation; and his parents own a tire store in Woodland.

A few things come to mind upon reading the article, not the least of which is that the Rhodes Scholar who made the threats hasn’t exactly proven Woodland to be a wonderful little sleep burg, now has he?

Second, the article refers to Pedroia as the 2007 Rookie of the Year, not as the 2008 American League Most Valuable Player.  I found that a bit odd, since the latter is a much more prestigious – and recent – award.

Also — is the Sergeant’s name Health?  Health?

I’m mostly confused by this paragraph, though:

“On Friday at about 12:29 p.m., Sgt. Health Parson said Woodland Police
responded to Valley Tire Center, located at 179 W. Main St., for a
threats report.

When the officer arrived, they spoke with the caller and one of the victims in the case.”

I’m trying to figure out… was the caller at the store?  Was he hanging out on the phone while the cops came?  No wonder Dustin doesn’t “really get along with” the newspaper.  It’s unintelligible


One comment

  1. stonebutch99

    I’m betting that’s Heath Parsons. 😉 Now, I trash my hometown all the time and if you lived here (Odessa, TX) you would understand. It’s flat, sandy, with mesquite bushes (our version of trees) and tumbleweeds, that about sums up the terrain. When the wind blows hard from the north, the sky turns brown and you smell fertilizer (if you know what I mean.) Susan probably knows where Hereford is, or her husband will since he’s from Lubbock. This is the area we blame for that.

    Besides that, it’s great. I must give thanks to my parents for raising me here.

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