Blackouts, Angels, and Zombies

I wasn’t aware when I signed up for, but apparently there are national blackouts on Saturday games which start after 1:10 PM ET and before 7:05 PM ET, which means I can’t watch the Astros game until 45 minutes after it’s over.

To know when it ends, though, I’d have to look at a page that would presumably have the score on it.  Which, I guess, is fine.

So that leaves my Saturday afternoon free, and I’m spending it watching the Red Sox-Angels game and surfing the Internet, which turned out to be great, because I caught this article about Woody Harrelson, who says that he only assaulted a TMZ photographer at La Guardia because he mistook him for a zombie.

It may actually be the best story ever written.


  1. roundrock15

    Why you gotta call us La La Land, Julia? That hurts my feelings. šŸ˜¦ And yeah, Pap ain’t lookin’ real solid right now… bases loaded, but he’s got an 0-2 count on Kendrick… the Angels are always gonna make you sweat, though.

  2. roundrock15

    That Kendrick-Papelbon at-bat was incredible. I couldn’t believe Tek refused to call a ball in the dirt, or anything off the plate to see if they could get him to chase. Luckily for your boys, it turned into a F9. Congrats. šŸ™‚

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