Micah Bowie

Micah Bowie.jpgNow, I’m pretty good at keeping up with all of the Astros’ roster moves, even in the minor leagues.  I don’t like being surprised when a guy comes up through the pipeline, like Runelvys Hernandez or Tomas Perez

And, usually, I don’t.

But while looking at Round Rock’s roster tonight, I came across a familiar name that I hadn’t realized was still with the Astros organization: Micah Bowie

Bowie, a left-handed pitcher, has been with everyone: The Cubs, Braves, Athletics, Diamondbacks, Nationals, Rockies, and Astros.  We signed him as a minor league free agent on July 3, 2008 when he became a free agent rather than accept a Triple-A assignment with the Rockies.

So did we re-sign him, or is that simply a misprint on MiLB.com, which is rarely the most up-to-date source of information?  Color me puzzled.

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