My favorite part of baseball is the numbers.  The numbers dictate everything, and everything can be quantified.

It’s simple economics.  At the beginning of each game, each team has the same amount of currency, Outs.  They must find a way to spend their twenty-seven allotted outs to get as many Runs as possible.  They can spend them on sacrifices.  They can spend them on strikeouts.  They can spend them productively or non-productively.

The team that comes back with the most Runs after expending their Outs wins.  If they have the same number, each team gets three more Outs until there’s a winner.

Unlike any other sport, each team is given the same number of opportunities.  It’s up to them to build a roster that capitalizes the most on their own opportunities, while preventing their opponents from capitalizing on theirs.

A home run is a bargain.  A strikeout is a lemon.  A double-play is defective.  A sacrifice fly is equitable – one run for one out, thank you very much.

4,374.  27 outs in each of 162 games.  Let’s play ball.


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