First of all, many thanks to Susan, the lovely and talented Astros Fan in Exile, for heading to Kissimmee and forcing the Astros to give us our first Grapefruit League win since February 25.  Russ Ortiz looked very sharp in six one-hit, shutout innings against the Reds, and Edwin Maysonet finally flashed the glove we’ve seen so much in the minors.  Lance Berkman hit a two-run homer, rudely interrupting Ortiz’s television interview with the difference-making RBI in the Astros’ 4-2 win.

Purely hypothetical: If the Astros win out in the Spring, does everyone become as optimistic as they’ve been pessimistic to this point?

In other news, I’ll be gone this weekend, shooting four of the eight episodes for an upcoming web series.  I’m producing, directing, and starring in the series, heading up a team of four very talented writers, and look forward to having it half-finished after two months of grueling work.  Tonight we have our final writers’ meeting, and tomorrow morning we start shooting at 7:30 in the morning.

That, and I’ll be at the World Baseball Classic games on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights.  Good news: I’ll get to see Roy Oswalt pitch, as he’s on the mound in the USA’s semi-final matchup with Japan and Daisuke Matsuzaka.

In the meantime, my co-writing friend (a rabid Padres fan) and I will be recording breakdowns for each of the Major League divisions, somewhat similar to what the guys over at Red State Blue State have done.  Only, you know, better.  Because we’re far more handsome and erudite.

So that’s the week for me, gang.  I’ll give Jeff and Allen the weekend to look up the word “erudite.”


  1. astrosfaninexile

    Thanks for the plug, Round Rock. I am having a blast at Spring Training. I’ve been on the lookout for other weirdo fans like you, who actually aren’t from Houston – ever. I’ve met some interesting ones, including the couple that I featured on my blog today.

    I’m happy to take credit for contributing to the cheering for Friday’s game, but Ortiz was certainly the hero behind the win. He looked really fine. I took a couple of hundred photos, but (due to Sabbath observance) have not had time to format/post them yet. Will try to get them online in the next day or so.

    You’re so lucky to be seeing Oswalt at the WBC. It’s definitely not normal being in Spring Training without seeing him here pitching at least once. Hope he continues his performance from last time…

    Good luck with your filming!

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