Oh, Silly Cubs Fans

Today my Google Reader presented me with an interesting find, an article called Know Your Enemy: Houston Astros at Bleed Cubbie Blue. 

The article is a fair interpretation of where the Astros sit entering the year, and what to expect from them.  As predictions from fans of rival teams go, this one was fair and accurate.

Then, because sometimes I like to brazenly ignore the device in my head that tells me when I’m about to do something stupid, I plunged into the readers’ comments.  There was the typical Cubs fan nonsense, and a few jovial hyuks about the games played at Miller Park while Houston was being ravaged by a hurricane.

Standard classy Cubs fan stuff.

Cubs Fans.jpgI had to stop, though, when I hit this gem:

Funny Story About Berkman

A few years ago, I was all over him verbally (not once swearing) for an
entire Fri-Sun series in Houston, while he was their RF. There was a
patch of sod recently replaced, you could see the color difference,
etc. The first two games, I was yelling the wrong situations to him
(i.e. first pitch of the game, I would yell bases loaded, play at any
base), and asking him if he had been “grazing” resulting in the sod
needing to be replced. Sunday I started yelling the correct situation
(even saw him check the bases a few times to see what the situation was
compared to what I had yelled to him). towards the end of the game
Sunday, he finally turned around and flipped me off. I felt proud, like
I had done my job of getting under his skin.

Well heck, I thought, that might be fun to research!

So research it I did.  Berkman hasn’t played a whole lot of right field, and I have to admit to you that my first reaction was to see if he’d ever played an entire three-game weekend series against the Cubs in Houston playing right field.

Turns out he had.  Once.  That one time was August 20-22, 2004.  The Astros lost the series, 2 games to 1, but of course I had to see Berkman’s line.  You know, to figure out how much this guy had “gotten under (Berkman’s) skin.”

Berkman’s line in that series?  3-for-10, 1 R, 3 BB, 5 PO, 0 E

Five put-outs in five tries in the outfield, a .300 batting average for the series, a .462 OBP for the series.


Unfortunately, that forum requires users to sign up before they can comment, and wait a day for their membership to become “valid,” so I couldn’t tell the guy what I really wanted to: If that’s what getting under Lance’s skin does to him, please get under his skin as much as you’d like. 



  1. roundrock15

    Indeed. I love Cubs fans like this guy. He goes to the game no to cheer on his own team, but to “get under Berkman’s skin.” I find it interesting that he doesn’t mention the Cubs winning the series, but rather that Berkman flipped him off (which I don’t necessarily believe, but whatever.) Still, I’ll take a .462 OBP every time out. 🙂


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