Prodigious Prodigies

There are so many great young players in the Major Leagues.  Brian McCann, Dustin Pedroia, Joe Mauer, Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder… I could go on.

It got me to thinking, recently, who is the best player 25 years old or younger?

We may get to that in another article.  In the meantime, I wanted to at least find out who was the most prolific home run hitter among that group.  The reason is simple: If a player is 25 or younger, the chances are very good that he’s played his career largely outside of the “steroid era” (or so we hope.)

In other words, if there’s a young power hitter right now who may raise to the top of the game as far as power numbers go, perhaps we’ll have some semblance of hope for a “clean” home run champ.

So, then, I took a look at the numbers of all players who played in 2008 at a playing age of 25 or younger.  I used their 2008 age, their career numbers through the year 2008, and the position they’ve played the most at the major league level.

The top ten leading home run hitters at or under the age of twenty-five:

1. 3B Miguel Cabrera (175)
2. 3B David Wright (130)
3. 1B Prince Fielder (114)
4. CF Grady Sizemore (111)
5. SS Hanley Ramirez (79)
6. RF Jeff Francoeur (73)
7. LF Ryan Braun (71)
8. C Brian McCann (70)
9. 3B Edwin Encarnacion (66)
10. SS J.J. Hardy (64)

Leaders by position:

C: 24-year-old Brian McCann (70)
1B: 24-year-old Prince Fielder (114)
2B: 25-year-old Robinson Cano (62)
3B: 25-year-old Miguel Cabrera (175)
SS: 24-year-old Hanley Ramirez (79)
LF: 24-year-old Ryan Braun (71)
CF: 25-year-old Grady Sizemore (111)
RF: 24-year-old Jeff Francoeur (73)


  1. roundrock15

    Yeah, I was using their playing ages in 2008. Sizemore turned 26 in August, and will be 27 by the end of this season. But I was using 2008 playing ages.

    It’s funny, because it seems like Cabrera has been in the majors forever, having already finished 6 seasons there. He was called up at the age of 20 and hit 12 home runs in 87 games for the Marlins. If he can continue to stay healthy, you have to love his chances of getting into the conversation. There hasn’t been a season where he wasn’t in the top 30 of MVP voting.

    But A-Rod had 241 home runs by the time he was Cabrera’s age. Miguel has 175. It’s not even all that close.

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