Press Pass

It’s amazing how quickly we become accustomed to things.

Probably in large part because I’m separated from my favorite team by 1,500 miles of road, I am constantly scouring the Web for anything and everything I can find about the Astros.  What hometown fans get in five minutes on the local news, I take hours to discover.

How I ever managed to be an Astros fan before the Internet, I cannot fathom.

Recently, I discovered a link at the top of the site: Press Pass.  I followed it and discovered this gem: Every fan has access to the team’s official pre-game notes, as soon as they’re released by the team.

I quickly became an addict, scouring the notes before every game.

However, here we are a little more than an hour from the first pitch of today’s Astros-Yankees, game, and the Astros’ notes have not yet been released, and I am beginning to have serious withdrawals. 


  1. astrosfaninexile

    Was there really life before the Internet??? I am from Houston, and just about grew up in the Astrodome. (Hey, there wasn’t all that much to do that was air conditioned besides baseball!) But I’ve been living on the other coast from you since 1983. For years we had to put up with a daily box score and two or three sentences about the latest Astros game in the Washington Post. Then came the Internet – holy moly! Recaps! photos! pitch by pitch! stats!!!! and best of all…. live games on Nice to meet another remote Astros fan-atic – not a customer. 🙂 You aren’t really an exile since you aren’t from Houston to begin with. Nice blog – I’ll add a link to my Astros Fan in Exile website.

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